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introducing sightseeing spots.

This is the website of the non-profit and unofficial "Osaka Castle Park Photo Gallery" which has been established by an Osaka native, who wanted to convey to as many people as possible, the attraction of Osaka Castle Park which is not found in sightseeing guides. Born and raised in the castle town of Osaka and spent thirty years commuting to work through the Osaka Castle Park, I love Osaka Castle as if it is my own "power spot".
This website mainly posts the photos of the landscape that is overlooked as a sightseeing spot, those of beautiful places where people do not enter, not being included in any sightseeing courses. It would make me very happy if the first-time visitors to these places will discover the ways to enjoy 120% their attraction that those of repeated visits might have overlooked. More photos will be added from time to time. Please enjoy the beauty of the Osaka Castle Park throughout the seasons.


Nov.24,2017 We added pictures.
Jul.8,2017 The website was renewed.
"Topics" has been added to the menu column
A total of 4 station names were added on the map of "Gallery Map".
"JO-TERRACE" was added to the sightseeing spot of "Photo Gallery Map".
2017.6.13 Our website page started Instagram.


Be sure to observe your manner when you are enjoying the park. Do not throw away garbage there. Be sure to take it home with you. By all means, refrain from any actions that will ruin the environment of the park, such as breaking off branches from the trees, stepping on the tree roots, venturing into the dangerous places beyond the fences, shouting in the quiet places where the wild birds live, etc. I do not want this website to be the starting point of anything bad happening to the park, such as ruining its environment or causing troubles to occur there. The objective of this website is to enable the many visitors to Osaka from all over the world to enjoy Osaka Castle Park 120% and to help them create wonderful memories. 
All rights of the photos of this website belong to the operator. Unauthorized reprinting and unauthorized use are strictly prohibited. If unauthorized use, etc. are discovered, we will charge a reasonable compensation after consultation with a legal expert.


If you have any opinions or questions on this website or the photos, please direct your inquiries to the "Contact Box" by providing the required information, including your name and contact information, etc. We will respond after checking your inquiries. However, we will not respond to the questions from those who did not provide their names, the questions about unjust slander and sales, etc. May we count on your understanding. (Only in Japanese.)

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